Wikipedia: Wiki-Link Game

The Wiki-Link Game is intended to waste time and life – to fill those idle moments once you cannot think about another article that wants writing, cannot realize a stub that you simply would love to expand, and it’s early on to create another cup of occasional
. Wiki-Link rules
Pick an entire variety between one and … well, something you prefer very, however one thing but ten and over three is probably going to convey best results. If this can be your initial time enjoying, attempt selecting the amount eight.
Make a note of your variety and persist with it – let’s decision it N.
Choose a beginning page, either a fmavorite article or one thing from the Random page link.
Now scan the article (or simply skim read) till you reach the ordinal link. Solely count links within the body text of the article -that’s, ignored any backward-redirect links or something in a very clarification section unless the complete article is barely clarification page, ignore any links within the header or footer or sidebars.
What to visualize on the manner
Losing is usually inevitable. Therefore maybe the sport is basically to seek out the beginning page Associate in Nursing N that offers the longest run before you hit an infinite loop ending or a brief page ending. Here are other things to seem out for on your journey;

what worth of N provides the simplest results.
Which pages are the attractors that are the pages that you usually appear to finish up at (for example, most year Internet Marketing pages like 1990ar attractors)? Associate in nursing attractor is also a loop over one page long.
When you follow a link does one find yourself at the page you expected? If you hit Associate in Nursing redundant clarification page you’ve a copy-edit chance to boost that link
Which beginning page provides you the weirdest stochastic process linking subjects you’d ne’er have thought were connected.
Once you have got vie the Wiki-Link Game a few of times, you may be tempted to do these alternative routes to finish the game;

If you return and edit a page to feature a link so as to avoid a brief page ending or infinite loop ending, then game over (the no one likes a trickster ending). The sequence can eventually reach a brief page ending or one amongst Internet Marketing the opposite real endings, somewhere within the Middle Ages; however it is not abundant fun trying to find it. If you’re really a larva you may not notice this ending. Another is to jump the boilerplate links at the highest of those pages and solely count links within the body of the page.
If you opt you have got to transfer the Internet Marketing Wikipedia information and write a computer virus to seek out the solution to the subsequent queries, then game over (the laptop wonk ending, although still valuable obstruction and you simply grasp someone goes to try and do it).
If you opt you have got to transfer the Wikipedia information and write a computer virus to resolve the Wiki-Link Game before you have got even vie it once, you lose (the you lose, you lose, you lose ending) (someone did).

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